How to Use B2B Client Testimonials to Grow Your B2B Brand

97% of B2B Brands say that user-generated content is more credible than other content types. No longer do B2B Decision Makers only want to hear what your sales team has to say about your products. They also want to listen to what the market has to say, as well. This is where B2B client testimonials

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7 Free SEO Tools to Keep Eyes on Your B2B Brand’s Website

Are your SEO efforts leaving you with nothing but wasted time AND money? Continue reading for FREE tools that can save you both! 89% of B2B Decision Makers use search engines during the B2B research process to find companies, services, solutions, compare vendors, and read reviews. What would be the first step for you and

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Why Is SEO Important For B2B Brands?

B2B Brands traditionally in the past have always been slow to adopt new marketing strategies and channels compared to their B2C counterparts. This slow adoption is real, even with SEO. Although most B2B Brands today recognize that SEO is essential, some still seem hesitant. The relevance of B2B SEO, though, is telling: 61% of all

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6 B2B SEO Myths: Stop Believing These Lies!

There is a lengthy list of B2B SEO myths circulating on the internet and in different circles. Some of them stem from ill-informed and uneducated “SEO Gurus” and others from the B2B Brands that work with them. “SEO Gurus” promise to B2B Brands that they can get them on the first page of SERPs within

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